Daddy’s Little Girl


There are few things that totally disgust my husband.  One of them probably #1 on the list is anything involving spit.  Once in your mouth it should stay there.

I have to agree, but babies are pretty much known for that kind of stuff.  Recently Norah has started Drooling.  Baby drool, it comes with the territory right?  But Daddy puts up with it, because it’s his little girl.

Well, every night we have to give Norah her medicine for acid reflux.  I have to pour it in her mouth with a dropper.  It’s cold so she really hates it.  Some days she takes it, others she dribbles it down her chin, but last night she was in a mood and while Daddy was holding her she spewed it all over his face.  His glasses were covered, good thing he had them on.

Of course I thought it was hilarious, waiting for his reaction, but he didn’t seem to mind, just hugged her like he always does and calmed her right down.  Wow, what a great dad!



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